Meter Data Management

Connected SCADA provides state of the art Meter Data Management Solution. It integrates smart meters, communication, reporting, and analytics modules together to provide one single source of relevant information for your organization. This why our solution forms one of the key components for Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) / Smart metering Infrastructure.

Our MDMS provides a robust and scalable solution for managing your vast networks of meters. It provides two-way communication with your devices in the field, allowing you a greater degree of control on your assets than you have had before. It has inbuilt features that monitor your device performance and can take corrective action / raise alarms whenever required. 

Our system is built on a very robust architecture and well equipped to handle a large volume of data that will be generated from your networks. It is equipped with the latest Scada technology that allows you to manage things in real-time. Yet the solution is flexible to accommodate data from multiple data sources and platforms. Our analytics engine, which is integrated with this solution, allows you to analyze the data and generate insights from it. These insights can be used to improve your system or offer relevant benefits to your customers.

ConnectedSCADA’s MDMS offers easy access to all essential utility processes such as new connections, disconnection, customer changes, tariff revision, schemes & offers, etc. It works in a plug and plays fashion and hence it can easily be integrated with your existing billing system. The solution can also be customized to integrate with other systems in your organization such as marketing communication, ERP, etc. This solution is ideal for Distribution System Operators, Transmission System Operators, Integrated utility companies, and Regulators.

The system is fixed network system based on cutting edge technologies and has been developed incorporating our vast experience in this field. It provides meter readings with very high precision and guaranteed delivery to the server. The system is designed to work in remote locations and supports GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi as well as TCP/IP networks. The devices used can easily be configured remotely. It can easily integrate with most popular billing systems although the solution includes a billing system as well.

With this solution you are guaranteed peace of mind as the system is designed to be sturdy and requires minimum human intervention. Once the solution is implemented you can take it easy as most of the associated activities are automated. Moreover, our team of highly trained experts will not only install the system but also guide you through it allowing a smooth installation and transition.

Key Features

  • Easy management of metering infrastructure with features such as automated meter readings, Adhoc meter reading requests, meter connect/disconnect, and load control
  • Centralized management of all measurement data
  • Robust and Scalable architecture
  • Easy integration with third-party systems such as billing and data sources
  • Real-time data collection and analysis
  • State of the art analytics for demand forecasting, load consumption patterns etc
  • Events and alerts scheduling and management
  • Supports a wide variety for file and data formats
  • Enable two-way communication between the utility and energy meter
  • Monitor electric network
  • accurate forecasting of peak loads, power consumption, demand, outages etc.
  • Connect / disconnect devices remotely thereby preventing outages.
  • Provide detailed information about the consumption patterns
  • Provides meter readings with very high precision and guaranteed delivery to the server
  • Supports GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi as well as TCP/IP networks.
  • Can easily integrate with most popular billing systems


  • Gather real-time operational data
  • Monitor and manage devices
  • Reduce operations in AT&C losses
  • Consumers can make good & informed decisions to lower electricity bills