Protocol Converter (Modbus to IEC 68150)

DR-2271 protocol gateway is specially designed to ensure easy integration with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), PLC/PACs, and SCADA control systems. Protocol gateway supports common IEC 61850 to Modbus or vice versa. The gateway enables a SCADA control system on a Modbus TCP/IP network or Ethernet/IP Server to collect, monitor, trend, and control real-time data from the process level.

Modbus Master driver running inside gateway has the capability to communicate as RTU format, fetch the data on preconfigured interval and convert it into IEC-61850 standard format. RTU will act as an IEC-61850 IED and status will be monitored to the real-time SCADA.


This device is ideal for usage in Smart Grid, Sub-Station automation, advanced SCADA data collection (relays, switch gears, etc.) the bay levels, etc. The device makes the integration and mapping of MODBUS with IES61850 protocols very easy which in turn reduces the complexity of your project and hence your time to market as well. It is designed for industrial use and can withstand the harsh environment and can be monitored, configured and maintained remotely.

“The Internet of Things is removing mundane repetitive tasks or creating things that just weren’t possible before, enabling more people to do more rewarding tasks and leaving the machines to do repetitive jobs.”

-Grant Notman


Design & Support

  • Easy integration, easy maintenance
  • Embedded hardware designed for harsh substation environment
  • Easy for configuration and mapping between two or more protocols
  • Remote Configuration

Technical Features

  • Time Synchronization
  • Enable a Modbus TCP/IP device to interface with IEC 61850 SCADA system simultaneously
  • File Upload / Download support


  • Reporting with original timestamps from IEC device to Operator Station
  • Real-time process data monitoring and controlling for all devices and protocols
  • Simulating complete IEDs
Processor TI Cortex A8 AM3505 600 MHz processor
Internal Memory 256 MB DDR2 on board
Ports 4 x RS-232/422/485
1 x RS-485 serial ports
Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
SD Card 2 x SD card slots (1 GB SD card included)
OS Supported Windows® CE 6.0 Ready Platform
Optional uC Linux OS support
LED Onboard system & LED indicators
Mounting Din Rail
Wall Mount
Other Fanless and no internal cabling design
System/Field ground isolation