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Power Energy

Transformer monitoring system

Transformers are most important and key components in a power transmission and electrical grid. As grids are becoming smarter so are its components. Transformer monitoring system will help in elongating its life and reducing down/maintenance time as it monitors transformer parameter in real time and can inform the operator if something goes wrong. With data generated from the system it can, it can analyze and informs the operator for maintenance of transformer

Power factor correction monitoring

Power factor measures the quality of power in the system by comparing Reactive load to Resistive load and it also indicated systems efficiency. If the power factor is poor, industry needs to correct it using capacitor banks, in order to avoid fine from the electricity board. Power factor correction monitoring System notifies the operator how much capacitance is needed. This system will help the industry to run efficiently and reduce operating cost.

Electric vehicle charging monitoring

As more and more electric cars are entering the market, the need of their charging station is increasing and it’s adding extra load to the existing grid. To manage this load and life of car battery we need to monitor their charging. This will optimize power utilization and improve cars health.

Demand response management monitoring

We are slowly moving to the modern electric grid where many power generating sources (solar, wind, coal, nuclear, etc.) are connected to various diversified loads. Demand response management monitoring system helps us to determine the real-time need for power in the system and helps us to decide from which source to get it. This will optimize power utilization and make our grid smarter.

Solar park and Wind farms

In this age of renewable energy resources, solar and wind energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth.

We identify the key performance variables so that your consumer can have proactive monitoring tools in place to extract maximum value. Site management teams get real-time insights. The information streams can be used to gain more granular oversight over the installations. Plan for the future from the data collected and make predictive maintenance a part of the solution to decrease the downtime and increase the life-span of your installations.

Automatic meter reading system

Gain time-stamped trend analysis of your energy installation. Identify gaps and spikes in your solutions by gaining insights in the form of charts and graphs.
We are living in an energy intensive world. Automatic meter reading system data and power quality monitoring data can lead to significant savings if tapped in the right manner by our dashboards. Say goodbye to manual readings and estimated calculations. Fall back on concrete, fool-proof data and drive growth results.