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Weather Monitoring

A weather monitoring solution can be described as an instrument or device, which provides us with the information of the weather in our neighboring environment. For example it can provide us with details about the surrounding temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. Hence, this solution basically senses the temperature, pressure, humidity, light intensity and rain value.

Soil temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Agriculture plays the major role in economics and survival of people in India. The purpose of this solution is to provide an embedded system for soil temperature and humidity monitoring to reduce the manual monitoring of the field and get the information via mobile application. The system is proposed to help the farmers to increase the agricultural production. The soil is tested using various sensors such as pH sensor, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor. Based on the result, the farmers can cultivate the appropriate crop that suits the soil.

Cattle/Live Stock Monitoring

Currently, cattle-monitoring technologies are gaining interest. These systems allow monitoring cattle’s health, the time for insemination, and the birthing process. Doing so, they have the potential to reduce labor and management costs whilst increasing milk and other yields. Continuous innovations in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) have opened many new opportunities for monitoring animals and have been speeding up the development of such solutions.

Food /Cold storage monitoring

Differing from managing a general supply chain, handling environmentally sensitive products require the use of specific refrigeration systems to control the designated range of storage conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting level in a cold chain environment. Through applying (i) a wireless sensor network to collect real-time product information, together with (ii) fuzzy logic and case-based reasoning techniques to suggest appropriate storage conditions for various food products, effective storage guidance can be established.

Farmer / Fertiliser monitoring reminder system

Agricultural produce depends primarily on the weather pattern and the fertilizers. Out of both, fertilizers are something that can be controlled and managed by us. This IoT solution operates on how farmers can access the data, set fertigation schedule and determine fertilizer’s formulation. The dashboard This system is equipped with emergency mode to stop the fertigation system which can be controlled directly from the dashboard. This system will ease farmers in managing their automated fertigation system virtually using their mobile devices.

Green house monitoring

Nowadays the environmental parameters have rapidly changed; it becomes the root cause for floods, global warming and melting of glaciers so there is a need to monitor the greenhouse elements and control them for our long-term benefit. Precise monitoring by identifying vital indicators accompanied by pre-emptive action helps in keeping a check on the polutants. Be a part of the solution instead of the problem by joining hands with us.