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Digital Transformation

Information is power. – These words have been on the lips of countless people who have achieved fame and fortune. In fact, from evolution to revolution, it is information that has been the driving fuel for progress. With each age, the only thing that has changed is the method in which we collect it.

Now at the advent of the third industrial revolution, we wield the weapons spawned from the technology of internet namely, the Internet of Things. IoT involves devices that use an internet connection to connect mundane devices, even those not meant for internet use, and gather different kinds of data so that they can be effectively combined for efficient solutions. The future holds all kinds of ‘smart’ technology powered by IoT. But for all this, the first step is always the gathering of data.

What is the most important step a businessman can take? It’s always the next one. APM(Application Performance Monitoring) is a way to obtain accurate data in a much more detailed and organized manner. Get exact information on device performance, transaction times and frequency, and user experience that will help you decide your next step.

Here is what’s best about digital transformation:

Artificial Intelligence: The buzz around Artificial Intelligence is real! Instead of laboriously combining data and analyzing it, the data you have is ready for use. Not only will AI expand opportunities and amplify productivity, it will also do so on a level that is accessible to you.

IT: Previously unavailable data has surfaced thanks to IoT and is now being used in tandem with other sources to get the bigger picture. The discrepancy created by lack of communication has been extracted from the equation and replaced with integrated solutions.

Cost and Efficiency: The most attractive feature of IoT is the accessibility because of the boost in efficiency and reduction in costs. It also provides its benefits in a large range which might be too difficult to cover manually. For e.g., environmental monitoring requires large areas to be covered at once which is viable with LPWANS (Low Power Wide Area Networks)

Machine Learning: Machine learning enables you to learn from the past and change the future. This means that the algorithm used in various applications is intelligent. It learns patterns detected in historical data and applies it to create more effective patterns. With the dynamic nature of data today, machine learning is one of the most useful tools offered by IoT.

With IoT, businesses can be accurately attuned to the changes in current trends. Even knowing a slight shift or deflection can completely change the game and allow companies to improvise in real time.

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