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Internet of Smart grids

A smart grid is an IoT enabled grid of geographically proximate devices which uses an Internet connection to receive and analyze sensory information.

Smart grids are generally classified according to the scope of their operations. These classifications are: home area network, neighborhood area network, access network, backhaul network, core and external networks.  

The devices connected in a smart grid include smart meters, smart appliances and renewable energy resources.

Benefits of a Smart grid

Smart comparisons

The information is gained in such a way that it is easy to compare readings on the various devices connected to the grid and take smart decisions.

Macro smart and micro smart

A smart grid enables you to look at the grid of devices as a whole and as individual devices. Gaining different perspectives is a very important factor in understanding the needs of an area and charting out a path that utilizes generated power in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Smart energy resources

A smart grid makes using renewable environment friendly sources of energy a plausible reality. With IoT enabled devices, renewable resources like solar energy and wind energy can be harnessed to greater effect. Previously considered unwieldy, the extent of monitoring now makes it a feasible reality. Solar or wind setups generally consist of many units to generate sufficient power.

Smart energy usage

With a smart grid you can map the accuracy of electricity consumption of a particular area. A record of the surges and ebbs in the pattern of energy usage in a particular time period can help fine tune the services provided. This is cost effective and has the benefit of preventing electrical outages.

Smart grids for smart cities

In the near future, smart cities will emerge and rely on having smart grids to function. A smart city is one where digital technology and an Internet connection is used to gain data, analyse it and deploy solutions to create a sustainable city that uses its resources to the maximum.

Security risks

An IoT enabled Smart Grid is vulnerable to cyber attacks because of the Internet connection that enables a 2 way communication pathway.  

Ill intentioned hackers can easily exploit this weakness for crimes like identity theft, data tampering, unauthorized access, and eavesdropping with potentially disastrous effects.

Parting thoughts

IoT is ground breaking technology that is gaining momentum at astounding speeds. It won’t be long before there are inventive solutions to these challenging problems.

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