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IoT and Capacitor Bank Monitoring

It’s impossible to visualize a factory that does not need electricity to run! And soon enough, our very lives will be impossible to imagine without the presence of the technological phenomenon called Internet of Things.

As far as factories are concerned, IoT is here to get optimum performance out of machines. To achieve this, it’s important that the electric supply be continuous. Sudden disruptions can cause malfunctions that lead to enormous loss and/or less productivity.

To correct this wavering mount of power in Alternating Current, a capacitor is used. A Capacitor consists of two metallic conductors that sandwich dielectric material (poor conductors of electricity) between them. An insulating material, when placed in an electric field, causes electric polarization. Basically, one plate stores positive charge and the other stores negative charge. The capacitor is essentially a storage device for electricity that is used to correct any fluctuations in the power supply. Given the large number of machines in a factory, a bank of capacitors of the same rating, connected parallel with each other, is used.

How can IoT help?

IoT is all about maximizing performance from accurate data received in real time. In this kind of setup it is incredibly useful to get a precise reading on electricity supply and the performance of the capacitors. A lot of down time and wear and tear is saved simply because of immediate information about what is happening. Any malfunctions can be immediately corrected.

Advantages of IoT in automatic switching of capacitor banks

  • Power quality monitoring
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Increase uptime
  • Increase operational and electrical efficiency
  • Maintain grid stability
  • Safeguard your investments

The most important advantage:

The most important advantage is that all this can be achieved remotely. IoT is not just a network of devices connected by the internet. It is the complete package which handles data acquisition, assimilation, analysis and display. Everything is easy to use with the information displayed on a single interface on a device of your choice.

Energy usage is unavoidable and manufacturing activities depend on smooth functioning of power supply. A well-functioning bank of capacitors will definitely help to lower power bills and reduce downtime in a huge way.

Soon enough, all industries and all walks of life will be IoTized and industries without IoT will become redundant. So, take steps now and move towards a data-based action world with Data acquisition, Predictive maintenance, Optimize Equipment performance and Optimize Energy management.

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