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IoT and manufacturing

IoT is so versatile that it makes a great combination with every sphere of life but especially so in the business of manufacturing.

The coming of IoT into our lives is ushering an industrial revolution that will stun the world with the scope of its possibilities. It is powerful enough not just to change the way we do things but also to change the way our thought processes work.

IoT is a term that is much bandied about these days and for good reason! IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a brilliant concept that involves enabling internet on a device that’s not built for Internet usage. Through such a connection, data can be collected in addition to creating a grid of interconnected devices. The data received is then analysed to provide solutions in real time.

For manufacturing industries this means that performance can be measured and any possible malfunctions can be detected before it happens or in the present time. Timely help can ensure the smooth functioning of production.

Manufacturing units generally produce in great bulk and a malfunctioning device could cause a huge losses in the time taken for repair and the money utilized for the process. This time period that is spent in repairs is known as ‘downtime’. Reducing downtime is now possible with a single touch on a screen.

With IoT, each stage of the manufacturing process can be monitored from a remote location. All the data is displayed on a dashboard making usage simple and convenient.

While regular checks and servicing do much to keep machines working in optimum conditions, they are just preventive measures. IoT can actually let you mathematically predict any performance issues by virtue of being able to closely monitor devices, track shipments and view a grid of devices together.

Predictive solutions, allow for IoT enabled devices to be self healing. The direct result of predictive solutions is optimal performance, money and most importantly, time.

Tracking shipments and orders has already been in action for a few years. With IoT enabled geolocation, businesses can keep accurate track of shipments and gain insights of effective supply chain management.

The most obvious benefit to IoT is the enhanced ability to receive accurate information on the device’s performance in real time. You can now troubleshoot before or immediately when a malfunction happens. You can receive alerts well in advance when data points towards a possible discrepancy.

Apart from troubleshooting, the procured data can be analysed to give you a list of effective solutions that you can monitor in real time from a remote location.

Performance aside, employers can ensure a safe environment for employees. Factories that are outfitted with IoT can track movements and assess security risks. It can even alert you to lapses in concentration and call for medical aid if needed.

IoT lets you view an entire grid of interconnected devices allowing you to monitor and compare many at the same time thus giving you the ability to further enhance machinery with keener insights.

The key to a successful business is to constantly strive to make the process more efficient and the product more convenient. When you have a constant data stream in real time, enhancing performance becomes much easier. IoT won’t just be technology, it will be a way of life.

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