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IPDS and the future

The above picture presents the allocation of money as on date 29/07/19, 3 pm for IPDS (Integrated Power Development Scheme).

According to the government of India,

Ministry of Power, Government of India notified “Integrated Power Development Scheme” (IPDS) on 3rd December’14 with following components:

  1. Strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution networks in the urban areas.
  2. Metering of distribution transformers / feeders / consumers in the urban areas.

iii. IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network under R-APDRP for 12th and 13th Plans by carrying forward the approved outlay for R-APDRP to IPDS.

  1. Schemes for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and IT enablement of balance urban towns are also included under IPDS. Scope of IT enablement has been extended to all 4041 towns as per Census 2011.
  2. Underground cabling to include additional demand of States and smart metering solution for performing UDAY States and Solar panels on Govt. buildings with net-metering are also permissible under the scheme.

Outlay & Budgetary Support

  • The components at (i) and (ii) above have an estimated outlay of Rs 32,612 crore including a budgetary support of Rs 25,354 crore from Government of India during the entire implementation period.
  • R-APDRP scheme cost of Rs 44,011 crore including a budgetary support of Rs 22,727 crore as already approved by CCEA will be carried forward to the new scheme of IPDS in addition to the outlay for components at (i) and (ii) indicated above.

Eligible Utilities

  • All Discoms will be eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.

Funding pattern

  • GoI Grant = 60% (85% for special category States).
  • Additional Grant = 15% (5% for special category States) – linked to achievement of milestones.

Procurement of goods & services

As part of standardization process for smooth implementation of IPDS, Technical Specifications of key materials were finalized. Standard Bidding Document (SBD) was finalized in consultation with stakeholders. SBD may be customized by Utilities as per specific needs of the States with prior approval of State Level DRC constituted for IPDS. Works shall be awarded through e-tendering mode only. All materials shall be manufactured in India. Standard ratings of equipment shall be used. As per Quality Control Order for Electrical Transformers-2015 the Standard / ISI marking on Distribution Transformers is mandatory and should be manufactured as per Energy Efficiency Level-2 of IS 1180 Part-1: (2014).All the Feeder, DT and boundary meters shall be DLMS open protocol meters along with AMR facility.

The above information is as per latest data as on 27/07/19.


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