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Mining and IoT

Mining is a field in which maximum utilization of IoT (Internet of Things) can be done to improve working conditions, damage control, real-time analysis and proactive maintenance.
Most of the equipment or machinery used in the mining sector are presently inert objects . They can be attached with sensors or controls so they can connect to the internet and communicate with other connected “things.”
By managing the maintenance of the system we can significantly increase the lifespan of the expensive machinery deployed at site or otherwise.

There are basically savings on four fronts:

1. Equipment downtime
Equipment downtime can be reduced by keeping track of asset performance. Once a trend is identified we can deploy maintenance workers to address the problem before any inadvertent issue occurs.

2. Timely maintenance
Maintenance can be scheduled in a more timely manner. A lot of time the correct personnel or expert has a fixed schedule of maintenance associated with an equipment. Sometimes it so occurs that an appropriate maintenance before the breakdown occurs can save a lot of revenue in downtime costs. The cost of deployment of IoT in your system itself will be less than the one-time downtime cost incurred.

3. Targeted maintenance
If we don’t keep track of the parameters which have gone awry then we will target the wrong elements in the work machinery to get things moving. This will result in unnecessary downtime because of wastage of time in addressing the wrongly identified problem. Tracking trends and health status of various trends from the historians can lead to targeted solution. This will lead to time wastage in a mission critical work environment.

4. Reduce risks for personnel
An asset of the company is the personnel. It is of utmost importance for the company to take care of their personnel when they are involved in work activities. Necessary precautions have to be set in the form of alarms, sirens, signals etc. to prevent any mis-happenings. Mining is a treacherous activity. Risk is involved at every stage. Hence it is very important to put checks and balances at every stage.

Identify your mission critical parameters, connect it to a sensor with an appropriate accuracy, transmit the data by deploying a safe network and ensure a historian is maintained to track the progress at site activities. This is IoT. Tap into it’s potential in the mining environment. Explore the possibilities with Digital Reach.

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