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Monitoring your Air Compressor

One of the major concerns of any modern industry is a malfunctioning air compressor that may bring production and manufacturing to a halt or waste precious time and money. Quite a few machines require air compressors to work and a break down could mean disaster.

What is an Air compressor?

An air compressor is a device that can convert power into potential energy. Propelled by an electric motor or diesel/gasoline engines, an air compressor sucks air into a storage chamber till the air pressure builds up substantially. When required, this air is let out of the storage chamber with the pressure controlled as desired. Depending on the pressure, the movement of the air can produce significant kinetic energy that can be utilized for the a variety of applications. When the air pressure ceases, the air compressor fills air again, storing up potential energy ready to use for the next time.

Air compressors are crucial for smooth functioning in industries. Hence regular servicing, checks and replacement of parts are mandatory to keep the air compressors functioning smoothly.

This only works till a certain level because checks and servicing are still preventive measures. This certainly minimizes the risk of machines breaking down. But what if you could remove the risk?

Risk removal would certainly make a huge difference considering that air compressors are an important invention that defined the way industries work. Now, we stand at the cusp of another invention that will revolutionise industries again. This invention is called the Internet of Things(IoT). Essentially, IoT enables you to use an Internet connection to gauge the functioning of your machines.

This means that predictive solutions are possible for keeping air compressors or any machinery well-maintained. By outfitting your compressors with Internet of Things, you can keep a tab on its performance in real time.

So what will you IoT enabled device do?

It will:

Collect data: Get all the data on how the air compressors are performing. Any discrepancy in the readings will alert you to any possible malfunction.

Predict maintenance: Book the services of an expert before the damage gets maximized and save on time and repairing costs.

Optimize performance: 

With timely repairs and a finger on the figurative pulse of your air compressor, it can function optimally without any wastage of time, resources or money.

Enable economic energy usage: With the air compressors functioning in optimum condition, there will not be any unnecessary wastage of resources like power. Get maximum profit with economic usage.

The technology will be programmed to record certain parameters of your devices which you can view through a remote dashboard on an interface of your choosing.

The parameters that will be gauged through the IoT Gateway are:

  • Air flow (if available) – to determine the quantum of air usage
  • Operating temperature,
  • Pressure,
  • Energy quality parameters (Voltage, Current, Frequency)
  • Reactive power
  • Scheduled maintenance time for Oil and Filter Changes
  • Any alarms and critical threshold limits

Once the data is analysed, you will receive updates and suggestions on any troubleshooting that is required as and when any glitches pop up.



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