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Smart City

Smart street lighting

Dynamic street lighting is the need of the hour.The first step towards a smart city is having an intelligent street lighting system. IoT (Internet of Things based street lighting systems can provide adequate amounts of lighting to meet the road safety and security lighting requirements. They can serviced nad maintained by remotely tracking their efficacy. This leads substantial energy savings, improved reliability, robust functionality and performance.

Smart parking system

The world is cluttered with four wheelers. The presence of these vehicles in our cities is growing exponentially.Parking space is limited and the . Every person is looking for ease of parking and convenience. Real-time availability monitoring of parking space is the need of the hour.Save time by assisted parking by enabling IoT based parking in your premises. A smooth parking experience without hassles in the maze is the need of the hour.

Air quality monitoring

Our cities are polluted with sufficient amount of harmful gases like CO2, smoke, ammonia, sulfides etc.This This is leading to early health problem in our populace.It is the authorities responsibility to keep track of alarming levels of pollution in our atmosphere and take necessary preventive action. The first step towards this is tracking the levels of contaminants in the atmosphere. Trigger a alarm when the air quality goes down beyond a certain level and take actions to control such scenarios. IoT helps you implement such a system.

Water and waste management

Water is life. In this world of abundance, we are consuming water at an unprecedent pace. This has led to a dearth of potable water in the cities. We need to monitor and control it’s flow to keep a check on unwarranted usage of our precious resource.IoT (Internet of Things) helps you monitor and plan water usage judiciously.Improper waste and sewage disposal leads to dangers in the realm of hygeine in the society. Human endeavour has pushed forward at the cost of mother nature. Industrial waste disposal can be timed and released at an opportune time so that it doesn’t lead to harm nature irreversibly. Join hands with IoT and become a responsible citizen and guard the future of our children.

Weather Monitoring

A weather monitoring solution can be described as an instrument or device, which provides us with the information of the weather in our neighboring environment. For example it can provide us with details about the surrounding temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. Hence, this solution basically senses the temperature, pressure, humidity, light intensity and rain value.