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The benefits of IoTizing your Substation

It is interesting to note how technology has progressed with its different phases. For instance, the last industrial revolution was about using electricity to get things done. This present revolution is about gathering accurate data and devising ways and means of using it in a manner which does not waste a single resource.
This herald of the next industrial revolution is called Internet of Things. The technology is deceptively simple. This tech involves using an Internet connection to form a grid of mundane devices that were not made for Internet usage. Through this we can access, control and deploy solutions in ‘real time’. That is, any slight change anywhere in the device will alert the owner on a mobile phone or any other device.
This is enormously useful and profitable for an industrial setup. A key part of this setup is the substation.
A regular substation is a thing of the past. For every device, now is the time for IoTization, the phenomenon that’s making impossible dreams into reality. With the Internet of Things, we have access to devices even in the remotest of locations.
Instead of waiting till a site visit is possible, why not keep a remote check on the substation? With IoT installed, it will seem that the observer is actually at the site.
All this is made possible by smart sensors, smart monitors and lines of communication that keep track of devices, weather conditions and components of a grid. You can not only monitor them, but you can also get an analysis and suggestion for the way forward.
To make optimum use of the electricity, an IoTized smart meter will give you the most accurate real time result.
Assess the potential damage as soon as or even before it happens. Get alerts on a mobile phone or any interface of your choice.
While each part of the system is measured and observed, it is equally important for the parts to function as a whole. IoT provides the channel for open lines of communication, gathers the data and even analyses them. With a command, you can command it to perform a task based on the results.
The success of Smart grid depends on the interaction capabilities. In life and in technology, communication is the true port of connection. With the gigantic amount of data traveling to and fro, the system can be overwhelmed.
We, at Digital Reach, streamline the solution by optimized selection of sensors, gateways, communication medium, cloud and dashboard to enable an IoTized substation.

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