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Tubewell Automation

A tube well is a simple device that pulls up ground water and delivers it to a well through a tube. The method is simple yet effective, especially needed in places of drought because the water available near the surface of the earth may dry up but the reserves of water underground will remain available to be tapped. It also enables irrigation over a larger area as compared to other methods.

A tubewell is constructed of a pipe encased in a cylinder that reaches underground. The water it collects is drawn up and flows through a PVC pipe that leads to a well. PVC is both cost effective and inert, thus preventing any problems with rust.

Like every device, the tube well has its flaws and lots of room for improvement. Companies are constantly looking to hone this useful device and make it as flawless as possible. So what are the problems that the device in its present form faces?

  • The tubewell has to be manually operated and is heavily dependent on power supply.
  • With multiple tubewells that are strategically placed, it poses a difficulty when a problematic tubewell has to be pinpointed for troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance can pose a problem because of the manpower required to operate and maintain them.
  • Maintenance often has to be outsourced, thus increasing the expense.
  • As it stands, data collection is not possible thus reducing the chances of optimization.

These are only temporary setbacks however. Current technology helps us to leap over any such problems. Namely, Internet of Things, better known as IOT.

Simply put, all it takes is an Internet connection enabled in a tubewell. With the help of IoT, you can:

  • Schedule the motor to power up or sleep according to your convenience.
  • Collect and send relevant data to a centralized Web application.
  • Switch between manual operation or IoT enabled operation with out any hassle.
  • Fix operation hours and reset according to requirements.
  • Measure device performance with just a touch screen of a connected mobile on the basis of cumulative kwh, running hours etc.
  • Maintain and display Alarms.
  • Avoid conflicting schedules and apply up to 8 schedules on the IoT device.
  • Have the rule engine at Data Centre work on real time basis with IoT devices at site.

With the problems chiselled off and the addition of these features, the tubewell will be a finer product that provides good service at a cost effective price.

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