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Think Energy IoT, Think Digital Reach

Digital Reach enables Energy SCADA / Energy IoT devices to interconnect the embedded systems to the Load Dispatch centre at Utility company . The RTU /IoT Gateway devices are fully programmable as per customer requirements. They can be deployed in nearly all the areas like , Energy & Utility, Smart Grid, Micro Gris , Home Automation, etc. With our expertise in embedded hardware development, embedded software development, system integration, and project execution, we bring in our experience, commitment, and teamwork to exceed our customer expectations in every customer engagement.

Digital Reach is the focused in the Energy IoT space since 2010. Has expertise across various spectrums of Energy IoT vertical. We at Digital Reach help you to make that smooth transition to the future.

Experienced In-House Team of Hardware and Software Engineers to Customize Energy SCADA / IoT Applications. Undertaken many IoT/IIoT Projects for Private as well as PSU and Government Sectors.

Critical Resources for Digital India, Make in India, and Smart Grid to Micro Grid !!!!

With our expertise is in embedded hardware development, embedded software development, system integration, and turnkey project execution, in everything we do, we apply our values of respect and honesty through a commitment to teamwork and a high degree of responsibility to our customers, not only to satisfy but also to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Design your Energy IoT solutions in Energy, renewables, manufacturing, agriculture, etc., with us. We are the experts in end-to-end integrations with in-house teams for hardware and dashboard.

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Our Team
We have a team of highly trained and motivated professionals available at your disposal. We cater to different levels of engagement i.e. from simple device installation to complete implementation of your entire project.
Scalable Solutions
All our solutions are completely scalable. So if your project requires you to increase capacity whether hardware such as modems, routers, RTUs etc or servers we can do it for you in a very short time
We manufacture hardware. This allows us to provide you solutions at very competitive prices because of economies of scale and lack of dealer margins and allows you to have a greater control on your implementation.
Since we manufacture hardware and also develop software solutions, we are in a unique position to provide highly customized solutions to cater to your business needs. This also allows us to implement niche technologies which are not readily available in the market.