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Tap Position Indicator DR-TPI 11

Product Overview

Tap Position Indicator DR-TPI 11

DR TPI 11 4
TPI 11 DSC06714
TPI 11 DSC06718 Min

Tap Position Indicator is used to indicate the tap position of the Power Transformer. Resistors are connected between each tap on the tap-changer. The connections from the Minimum, Maximum, and Wiper positions coming from the tap-changer are connected to the respective Min, Max, and Com terminals marked on the Rear Panel of the TPI.

When the unit is powered on, the display indicates the current position of the Tap-changer. As the tap is increased, the display increases and decreases as the tap is decreased. Check the TPI by changing the tap from position 1 (min) to the max. position and confirm that it reads correctly.

For 4-20mA Output, if required, adjust the output current by changing the count in 4-20mA O/P calibration mode as shown below.

For the 4-20mA Input option, if Max Tap is other than 17, Adjust it in SET mode Mt (Max Tap) using INC and SFT key.


Benefits of our product




Microcontroller-based design for the tropical application


Precise & Stable Indication of the Transformer Tap.


Low power requirement


Display test functions are available.


Bright digital display offers accurate and unambiguous reading


4-20mA output for SCADA / PLC application


RS485 Modbus output


Robust & Rugged design




Transformer Operation Monitoring


Voltage Regulation


Load Changes


Remote Monitoring


Maintenance Planning