Feeder Terminal Unit - DR 1836

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Feeder Terminal Unit - (DR 1836)

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DR-1836 Feeder Remote Terminal Unit (F-RTU) is a pivotal component within supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, serving as a link between central control systems and remote field devices. Designed for industrial and utility applications our DR-1836 collects, process, and transmits real-time data from sensors and equipment. They support diverse communication protocols, ensuring compatibility with a range of devices. It also gives Security function such as encryption and authentication protect against unauthorized access.

Scalable in nature, DR-1836 accommodate the integration of additional field devices for expanded monitoring and control. the system provides 2 I/O slots accommodating up to 32 DI (Digital In) and 16 DO (Digital Out) opto-isolated interfaces through I/O cards. Communication is facilitated through multiple ports, including RS-232/RS-485, Rs-485, USB Host (High Speed), and 4 Ethernet ports (3 LAN, 1 WAN). Supported communication protocols include IEC 60870-5-104 and Modbus RTU.

With its robust specifications, this Control System is well-suited for diverse industrial and automation applications where reliable performance and communication are essential.


Benefits of our product




Exchange with CPU


Local fault diagnosis


Isolation between field and logic


Surge Protection


compatible with major operators' network


Adapt to all kinds of unattended industrial application environment




Substation Automation


IoT Gateway


FRTU (Field Remote Terminal Unit)


SCADA Application