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Substation Gateway - DR 3110

Product Overview

Substation Gateway (DR 3110)

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Substation automation gateway integrates with various endpoints like energy meter, Feeder, protection relay, numerical relays, Dc meter, station transformer, PLC, and any other edge device where RS 232 or RS 485 data is available Modbus. Our gateway offers Unique data aggregation & formatting, Protocol con- version, and security. Our SS Gateway is designed with a small form factor and is suit- able for deployment in various environments. It also has wired and wireless connectivity options, which allo

Digitech Substation Gateways are entirely cus- tomizable from board-level architecture to ensure interoperability between embedded Linux systems for easy deployment. Our gate- ways are compatible with a massive ecosys- tem of solution providers.


Benefits of our product




NXP iMX 6ULL Cortex A8 600MHz CPU with DDR3L 256MB RAM


Support web service for remotely on-line monitoring


Firmware update by SD card and online update


Data logger / protocol coverter


Support singlel SIM slots for communication redundant


Support IEC 101, IEC 104, IEC 61850 (Optional)


Wide Operating temperature: -40 ~ 70°C




Digital Substation Application


Protocol converter


IIOT Applications


Easy hardware setup and configuration


Supports Auto Device Routing for easy configuration


Digital Substation Application


Protocol converter


IIOT Applications




Built-in Ethernet cascading for easy wiring


Embedded traffic monitoring/diagnostic information for easytroubleshooting


microSD card for configuration backup/duplication and event logs


Status monitoring and fault protection for easy maintenance


Support IEC 101, IEC 104 , IEC 61850 (Optional)


Wide Operating temperature: -40 ~70 C