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Local Data Monitoring System

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The LDMS, also known as the Local Data Monitoring System, performs the same task of acquiring data and tele-control from RTUs via Ethernet using the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. The EHV/MV/LV substations have PC/printer setups with suitable SCADA software to view and print daily/hourly log sheets. The LDMS is a mini SCADA system that can be used in the substation control room building. It stores real-time telemetered and calculated data every five minutes, along with alarms, events, and SOE. Reports can be generated to analyze the maximum, minimum, and average values of all substation parameters. The LDMS also allows for manual data entry.

The LDMS will be a compact SCADA system with a user-friendly interface for use in substation control room buildings. The LDMS software includes various functions such as data acquisition for different types of data, data processing for conversion to engineering units and validity checks, as well as calculated data for values like maximum, minimum, and average with associated timestamps. It also has features like time synchronization, sequence of events processing, supervisory control, alarm management, tagging, trending, and quality codes. Additionally, it incorporates single-line diagrams, trends, and reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The LDMS is also capable of generating additional displays, single-line diagrams, reports, and trends as needed.

The LDMS updates analog data from RTUs every ten seconds, and status data is updated only when there is an exception. The SOE status data is recorded with a resolution of 10 minutes timestamp.


Benefits of our product




Supervision and local control for substation.


SCADA based on Client / Server Architecture.


Multiple clients control and display..


Sequence of events reporting with time stamped event data


Real time monitoring with real time and graphical presentation of data


Alarm notification, Report and Real time Events


Database in real time | Trends in real-time and historical.


Security Level | Connection to different database systems.


Customize report generation | Complete tool drawing.


Filters and tools to print and export | User friendly design procedure




Sub Station RTU, IED and others equipment monitoring and control


Smart Grid application | IEC 61850 based substation monitoring andcontrol


Electrical power transmission networks and associated equipment


Mining and Minerals | Pipeline monitoring or supervision and control


Environmental monitoring systems | Wind Power plant monitoring