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Mini RTU/Data Logger - DR1503

Product Overview

Mini RTU (DR1503)

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The DR1503 Mini Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a highly integrated and compact control device designed to deliver efficient real-time monitoring and automated control for industrial and substation automation. With its advanced processing capabilities, it supports an array of communication protocols such as Modbus/TCP, DNP3, IEC104, MQTT, 61850, and BACnet, enabling seamless interoperability with various control systems. Its robust connectivity options, including serial and Ethernet ports, facilitate communication with HMI and networked devices, while ensuring compliance with IEC standards for electrical immunity. The DR1503 MiniRTU's small footprint and flexible mounting options make it ideal for space-constrained environments, where it maintains reliable performance even under harsh industrial conditions, ensuring operational continuity and system resilience.

In essence, a Mini RTU is a comprehensive solution that brings intelligent control, connectivity, and reliability to various applications in the field of automation and control systems.


Benefits of our product




Exchange with CPU


Local fault diagnosis


Isolation between field and logic


Surge Protection


compatible with major operators’ network


Adapt to all kinds of unattended industrial application environment




Substation Automation


IoT Gateway


FRTU (Field Remote Terminal Unit)


SCADA Application