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Introducing DR-7208: One stop solution Indian Railways' Energy Efficiency Plan

In response to Indian Railways' imperative need for enhanced energy efficiency and streamlined management, we present the DR-7208 solution. Tailored to meet the diverse requirements of railway operations, DR-7208 integrates cutting-edge technology with intelligent systems, providing a comprehensive approach towards energy optimization and operational excellence.

Works for NIYANTRAC Application

The cornerstone of our product DR-7208 works parallel with development of a robust cloud-based data management web portal, led by CRIS (NIYANTRAC). This centralized platform serves as a one-stop solution for hosting all data pertaining to energy usage across various zones/divisions within Indian Railways. Our IFD device provides standardized real-time monitoring and unified data analysis.

Smart IFD Device for Online Energy Monitoring

DR-7208 facilitates the installation of IOT/IFD devices across key electrical distribution points within the railway infrastructure. These smart devices enable online energy sub-metering, offering real-time monitoring of energy consumption and breaker status. By enhancing energy efficiency and management, DR-7208 aims to reduce energy costs and optimize resource utilization.


Our Solution

DR-7208 represents a paradigm shift in Indian Railways' energy efficiency plan, offering a holistic solution to address diverse operational challenges. DR-7208 helps with the tool and insights needed to achieve optimal resource utilization, operational excellence.