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The DigiReach Data Logger 4G LTE is an ultra-low-power, fully autonomous, wireless telemetry device that operates best-of-class sensors. The sampled data is collected, transmitted securely, and then stored on a customer's on-premises server/cloud server. Data Loggers are remotely configurable, and data can be visualized and managed via a streamlined user interface providing integration into SCADA or other customer software systems.

The DR 1405 Data Logger has been optimized for industrial applications, smart grids and Energy monitoring , EV charger controller integrated hardware and software platform. Adding only one DR 1405 product to meet equipment data monitoring and transmission needs.

Data logger DR 1405 provides a solution for the channel of industrial serial data transmission through Ethernet, RS485 remote control and monitoring IO. The product integrates Ethernet port, RS485, digital inputs, Analog input, digital output and other rich hardware interface, which is based on the Free RTOS operating system. The product includes web pages, IOT Service, TCP/IP protocol stack, Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocol. It can be easily achieved remote data acquisition and monitored.


Benefits of our product




PV Solat Inverter monitoring


PV Solar Plant monitoring


Industrial Automation


Pump Automation


DCU (Data concentrator unit)


Street Light monitoring


Energy Monitoring


IoT Applications