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RTU - DR 2864

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DigiReach DR 2864 RTU focuses on RTU SCADA application. The DR 2864 is also a standalone RTU that provides a 16-bit 8-ch A/D converter, 32-ch Soft Relay, and 32- ch Digital Input. This controller also supports four serial communication ports and two networking interfaces. With this application-ready RTU, you can seamlessly integrate your

The DR 2864 is a compact controller (CPU module) with NXP i.MX9 2x Cortex A55 Processer CPU and Linux operating system. DR 2864 can execute control tasks for various industrial control and automation applications. The DR 2864 has a native IEC 61131-3 RTU runtime for Power Utility SCADA with IEC 60870-5-104 Slave pre- build image on board.

Due to the low power consumption, the DR 2864 doesn't require any fan in the mechanism, giving better reliability. The operating system has been installed in the internal flesh. Therefore, the operating system and application programs require no extra external HD or SD card. Besides, DR 2864 provides an internal SC card slot for data storage. DR 2864 could operate well under -20°C ~ 85°C; its small size and lightweight could fit in a robust industrial environment. With this advantage, DR 2864 is suitable for a communication gateway for converting communication protocol, 10 control, and data storage.