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Modbus Gateway - DR 218

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Modbus Gateway - DR 218

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The Modbus Gateways presented feature a robust Control System powered by the STM32F407 ST Micro Cortex M4 CPU, offering 32KB of RAM and running on the Free RTOS operating system. These gateways support Modbus RTU protocol and provide two RS485 serial ports, along with a 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet port, ensuring versatile communication capabilities.


Benefits of our product




Realtime Clock (Optional)


solation (1500 VDC)


Cyber Security (SSL)


Optional WIFI




These Modbus Gateways find applications in various industrial settings where Modbus communication is essential


They are wellsuited for connecting and integrating devices that communicate using the Modbus RTU protocol, providing a reliable and secure bridge between serial and Ethernet networks


The optional WiFi capability adds flexibility for wireless communication, making these gateways adaptable to diverse industrial automation and control scenarios.