Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme

Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme


Under this RDSS , DISCOM can take up works related to loss reduction and system strengthening. 66 kV level and below will be eligible under this component. for inclusion of such works clearly indicating its benefits including improvement in quality and reliability of power supply to the consumers

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A list of indicative works is given below:


Construction of new substations, augmentation of substations


Provision of Armoured / Aerial bunched Cables (ABC) or High Voltage Distribution System in high loss areas.


Segregation / Bifurcation of feeders and other allied works


Replacement of conductors, which are old/frayed


Additional HT lines to improve quality of supply


IT/OT works


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distribution Management System (DMS) in urban areas

SCADA/DMS in 100 towns (approx.) with eligibility of towns having population > =1 Lacs in special category states and towns having population > = 2.75 Lacs in other states as per Census 2011 data, as well as all Capital/DISCOM HQ towns, if not covered earlier.

Basic SCADA in 3875 towns based on district-wise or Circle-wise common control centres in all other statutory towns


Works like new feeders, capacitors, etc for loss reduction


Under-ground cabling works


Any other works required for system strengthening and loss reduction

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