Distribution Transformer Monitoring

Distribution transformer monitoring


Transformers are the vital element of the electric power distribution infrastructure. It should be monitored regularly to prevent any potential faults. Failure of the DTs easily costs several Crore rupees for repair or replacement, and results in revenue losses and loss of service to customers until the system is restored.

DT health monitoring through manual means is not at all feasible. Metering of Distribution transformers and reading the meter data remotely will definitely assist Utilities in their health monitoring to a large extent apart from DT-wise energy auditing and accounting to extract loss pockets. Given that several thousand transformers are operational under any distribution utility, it is not possible to physically monitor these transformers.

It is necessary to develop systems for remote monitoring. For this purpose, GPRS/GPS/IOT /RF based smart metering system may be installed on the transformer.

The meter should measure, monitor and record different system parameters including those mentioned in the earlier section. The meter can continuously monitor the performance of the transformer and signal the control center through communication channels in case of abnormal behaviour. large No. of Distribution transformers are equipped with communicable meters with AMR facility at Data center for seamless energy accounting and auditing.

Further, as the meter keeps record of different system parameters, transformer failure analysis can be done; the cause of the transformer failure can be easily identified and analysed before taking decision on repairs/replacement