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OTI-WTI Controller DR-5001

Product Overview

OTI-WTI Controller For Transformer Monitoring DR-5001

DR5001 DSC06726 Min
DR5001 DSC06729
DR 5001 OTI WTI 5

It is highly essential to monitor & control its Oil & Winding temperatures. Closely monitoring & keeping a check on these temperatures also prevents accidental breakdowns of these transformers. Oil / winding temperature indicators indicate temperature proportional to input resistance. The temperature is indicated on a 7 segments LED display TEST' mode allows the display to be varied from 0 to 150 C by varying the Test Control Potentiometer. In the Normal mode, 3 wires coming from the potentiometer on the local OTI/WTI (Min, Wiper, Max) are connected to the ROTI/RWTI along with the Auxiliary Supply. 'Zero Adjust' and 'Full-Scale Adjust' Potentiometers on the front panel allow for calibrating the ROTI/RWTI in the field


Benefits of our product




Single unit for Oil and Winding temperature monitoring


Compact design, Digital sampling technology


Facility for either of the inputs for sensing winding temperature - CTor RTD.


Reliable operation even in wide variation in Auxiliary Supply Voltage.


All solid-state design and no moving parts offer extremely high reliability


Bright digital display offers accurate and unambiguous reading


4-20mA output for SCADA / PLC application or Rs485


IP-52 Enclosure




Suitable for mounting directly on the transformers


Specially designed to protocol large power transformers


PT -100 type temperature sensor


Air vent is provided


RS 485 , Modbus , RTU , Protocol digital communication option