AMR Data Management

AMR/AMI/Meter data management


Automatic Meter Reading of meters at consumer premises enables effective surveillance and remote metering of all energy consumption parameters at the consumer end. It is beneficial for industrial and high-value consumers where the accuracy of billing and timely payment are important. It is essential to monitor consumption patterns for such consumers to detect theft, and it is possible to do this remotely with Remote Meter Reading System.

The Remote Metering System consists of a remote unit(s).

The tele metering circuit receives the signals generated by the electronic meters fitted with an external Modem at the consumer’s premises. The remote units will be connected to the control station through a dedicated communication link called a Mobile link, i.e. GSM/GPRS/4G MODEM. The communication system between the meter and the DISCOM thru energy control center Meter Data Acquisition system MDAS the remote metering system makes it easier for them to receive data relating to energy consumed as recorded by the meter and send appropriate control signals to the meters and also accept the pre-programmed required information from the meter automatically.

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Our Offering:

Digital Reach provides complete IoT gateway / DTMU controllers from data acquisition, transmission (3G/LTE/Wifi), and computing to help our customers use intelligent systems using our extensive resources. Customers can focus on their innovative applications with minimal system integration effort. Our solution offerings & services are fully compatible with most applications and provide all the components customers need to build an intelligent system.

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Key features

Compatible with various standard DLMS compliant Meters ensures seamless integration with diverse meter types, enhancing flexibility and accuracy in energy monitoring.

Shall have meter detect and meter data read feature, which enables Communication with all popular Indian DLMS energy meters.

Shall have auto restart feature with built-in watchdog timers and intelligence Shall have Over the Air (OTA) program feature.

Remote start/stop and restart feature enables users to control equipment operations from a distance, enhancing convenience and efficiency in managing energy systems.

The comprehensive self-diagnosis feature will create a log file with all at a periodicity and link check for Communication.

Real-time outages, alarms as alerts to server Automatic GPRS connection (no AT commands required), and watchdog for reliable Communication

Inbuilt 3 Phase Power supply and operational on single-phase automatic pushing of meter data at regular and configurable server intervals.

IP (internet protocol) based Communication, enabling simultaneous data access from thousands of GPRS Modems.

Configurability to remotely change server port and address grants flexibility in adjusting server settings from afar, ensuring seamless integration and adaptability to evolving network environments.

Shall have a configurable scheduled meter read and data transmit feature to enable grouping of the meters so that the data loading on the server will be equally distributed from all the field installed modems.

Shall have a selective on-demand meter read feature through which the server can send an on-demand request to the modem to read the particular parameters from the meter.

The modem has 16MB of onboard user data memory to store data in case of network failure, ensuring data integrity and preventing loss during network disruptions, maintaining continuous monitoring capabilities.

Have auto polling and data rate selection automates data retrieval and optimizes transmission speed, ensuring efficient communication with energy meters and timely updates for accurate monitoring.

Have data compression facility as per standard. Have an adjustable data rate allows for efficient data transmission by compressing data as needed and adjusting the rate, optimizing bandwidth usage and ensuring smooth operation.

Be equipped with a suitable cable compatible with connecting modem with meters having Optical communication ports.

The power cable and data cable length should be a minimum of 1 meter ensures adequate reach for installation flexibility, accommodating various setup configurations with ease and convenience.