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Solar Plant Monitoring System

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Solar Plant Monitoring System

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A monitoring system is an essential part of a PV plant. A monitoring system allows the yield of the plant to be monitored and compared with theoretical calculations and raise warnings on a daily basis if there is a performance shortfall. Faults can therefore be detected and rectified before they have an appreciable effect on production. Without a reliable monitoring system it can take many months for a poorly performing plant to be identified. This can lead to unnecessary revenue loss. The key to a reliable monitoring and fault detection methodology is to have good simultaneous measurements of the environmental conditions and plant power output.


Benefits of our product




Advanced detection of abnormal conditions


Provides 24/7 access to current operational data, trends, alarm history and messaging from a centrallocation or remotely


Flexible, scalable architecture by using IoT gateway


Easily installed on new or legacy transformers from any manufacturer.


Automatic morning wake-up and nightly shutdown


Mains (Grid) over-under voltage and frequency protection


Included authentic tracking of the solar array's maximum power operation voltage (MPPT).


Array ground fault detection.




Operations management:


Alarm management